Probation Department

photo of a gavel

The Probation Department supervises offenders on diversion, electronic monitoring and probation, completes presentence investigations, collects restitution and provides drug testing for the Court.

Staff and Contact Information

Wendy Campbell
(419) 627-5949

Lisa L. Kias
Senior Probation Officer
(419) 627-5923

Adam J. Lieb
Senior Probation Officer
(419) 627-5727

Sandusky Municipal Court
Probation Department
222 Meigs Street
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Fax: (419) 627-5950
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Probation Department Fees

Monthly Reporting Fee
up to $50 / month
amount determined by the Judge
Drug Testing $10 / test
House Arrest  
Condition of Sentence $7 /day
$75 hook-up fee to Probation Dept.
$25 hook-up fee to ORIANA House
Condition of Bond
* cost for 2-week period is $242.50
$9.50 /day
$75 hook-up fee to Probation Dept.
$25 hoop-up fee to ORIANA House
Probation Services Fee Minimum $50*
amount determined by the Judge
SCRAM $10 /day
$50 hook-up fee to Probation Dept.
$25 hoop-up fee to ORIANA House
$50 No-Show Rescheduling Fee
Rescheduling Fee for Failing to Appear for Scheduled Probation Appointment,
Sentencing, and Review Hearings


Our Electronic Monitoring Program helps alleviate jail overcrowding, while providing 24-hour supervision. This saves jail costs and allows low risk offenders to still work and provide for their families as well as pay fines and restitution. This program admitted 68 offenders in 2017. This saved a total of 1,225 jail days, saving the taxpayers $101,400.

Since the implementation of the community service and electronic monitoring programs in 1996, these programs have saved the taxpayers more than $2 million.

Restitution 2015 2016 2017
(money dispersed to victims) $77,960.78 $67,638.75 $71,539.28